Welcome to the Federation of Natural Bodybuilding!



Natural Bodybuilding Federation president Stephen Chapovsky in a personal meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger gave him an honorary member of the FNB card.




Stefan Chapovskiy, President:

  Natural Bodybuilding Federation was created to support the athletes who train without the use of doping. We focus on healthy muscle development standards, is available for absolute majority. Also our desire is to promote natural bodybuilding among all age groups. Classes are from weight training, literacy and creation of programs, with more aerobic exercise and diet properly selected, have a general beneficial effect on health, enhance immunity, help prevent chronic fatigue, can speed up rehabilitation following fractures and injuries, rejuvenate the body as a whole and extend Life. In psychology going steady increase self-esteem, rejection of bad habits and acquire a sense of harmony with oneself as a person gets an opportunity to correct certain shortcomings body and regulate body weight necessary for a comprehensive side. So comprehensive in that they affect the human body does not possess any other sport.




Oleg Zamazy,

To date,

bodybuilding is one ofthe most popular sports.A huge number of his fans, not to use steroids, achieves certain results in muscle development, which produces sports passion and thirst for competition. To implement these healthy ambitions, our federation will hold competitions in which each natural athlete can compete for prizes.


Olga Chapovsky,                                                    
Manager of Public Relations:

Every woman wants to be healthy and beautiful. Leading an active lifestyle and eating correctly, we are achieving the desired goals. Opportunity to showcase the work of his body, performing at our competitions, could become a good stimulus towards further improvement of the figure.
The direction of bodybuilding, which supports our federation, has adherents throughout the world. In turn, our ranks are open to representatives of other States who share our ideas.


Igor Sholomov – Technical Director:
Nowadays young people significantly reduce their physical activity. But technological advances should not be an obstacle to the formation of the foundations of healthy lifestyles. After quite a few hours a week spent in the gym, to result in a beautiful, healthy body. By becoming a member of the NBF, the correct orientation towards this.