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rambo meets terminator

Reported on 19th April 2011
Arnold Schwarzenegger Natural Bodybuilding Stefan Chapovskiy

Several months ago Arnold Schwarzenegger had a meeting with young Californian bodybuilders and told them that they needn't use anabolic steroids and that natural bodybuilding is the sport of the future. After the news as founder and president of the natural bodybuilding federation Stefan decided to go to Columbus during the Arnold Sports Festival and try to meet with Arnold personally and... it happened.

During the seminar titled "Ask Arnold" Stefan got selected by luck of the draw out of almost 200 spectators; Arnold had seen Stefan's hand in the crowd and selected him third to meet him on a personal level (in total about 10 people were selected by Arnold during this seminar). Stefan stated "I told Arnold about my story in natural bodybuilding, my success in California(La) in 2008 (winner) and 2009 (2nd and 3rd place) in a different competition for natural athletes which is how he later gained popularity and founded his federation. He then told Arnold about his future plans for Hollywood and his personal meeting with Stallone. 
Stefan thanked Arnold for his support of natural bodybuilding and asked Mr. Schwarzenegger if he could give him an honorable membership card of the natural bodybuilding federation. Arnold answered Stefan warmly and stated that he was glad to see a fellow bodybuilder who is also a president for a foundation dedicated to natural bodybuilding. He told Stefan that he needed to keep training and maybe one day Stefan would stand on that stage too, adding that the two men could catch up at a later date to talk about the federation.

paul plesca stefan chapovskiy arnold classicShortly After that a member of Arnold's staff invited Stefan backstage, a few minutes later when Arnold had finished a seminar he came back to the stage and Stefan gave him his honorable membership card of the natural bodybuilding federation.
Stefan will be keeping in touch with Arnold's personal assistants and at some later date hopes to have an official meeting with Schwarzenegger about possible plans to develop natural competitive bodybuilding in the rest of the world.